It all started with books. The family sat around the fireplace and listened as the father read from their favorite book. This was family fellowship time until the age of Network Radio and Television.

Bring back the days of Fireside Home Fellowships.

Now the whole family can sit around a virtual fireplace and listen to their favorite books. Renew the spirit of good friendship with your family, neighbors and friends. Enjoy the camaraderie of the people you care about.

Host a night owl in your home.

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Fireside Bible Series

The Fireside Bible Series On USB
Paul’s Epistles (Romans – Hebrews)
Available languages – English & Spanish

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All our Fireside Video Books are available on a portable USB flash drive. Plug it into your TV or Computer and enjoy sitting by a fireplace as you listen to your favorite book. All current listings are available for $59.95 Plus $7.95 S&H

We also accept custom orders to convert books for authors. You provide us with the audio files of the book you own. Once you receive your file, you can add it to other flash drives and make them available to your readers.

Current Fireside Video Books

Think And Grow Rich
The Master Key System
The Fireside Bible Series
Paul’s Epistles (Romans – Hebrews).
Available languages – English & Spanish

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Watch The Audio/Videos Free
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